I ordered all four of the sauces on Sunday & I received them Wednesday! Each jar was thoroughly bubble wrapped so every jar arrived safely!
I’m in love with the Maisy-naisy I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting that on ALL of my sandwiches from now on & the kettle sauce will be my new go to for veggies & salads!
We are not vegans but due to my son needing to be dairy free we do a lot of vegan products, some other brands taste like crud & not like “the real deal” these however taste like “the real deal” & will be new pantry staples in our household!
My husband who still eats dairy regularly in everything is even pretty impressed with these & is already telling me what things he will be putting these sauces on!


Grabbed these Chik'n cutlets on a whim at Rollin Oats as it was a new product they were offering and man this didn't disappoint! I am sure if you served this with some buffalo sauce on game day your non-vegan friends would have no idea they are not eating chicken. Is great for quick sandwiches or on top of pasta with some sauce and cheese. Highly recommend!!!


The most authentic tasting Chik’n I have ever tasted since going vegan. I ran to Rollin Oats today just so i could secure the rest of the packages they had in stock. (Sorry Tampa vegans ) Look out Impossible brand…you have nothing on this product!!! The breading is flavored so deliciously you start to salivate as soon as you open the bag with the southern spice smells …not even cooked! The portion is perfect and honestly its so versatile. I made a Chik’n Piccatta Florentine in the pic. 10minutes in my air fryer and I was done! Soooo delicious! Restock please or tell me how i can get monthly subscription!!!

Staci. S


We imagine a cruelty free world. A world in which we can take plants and turn them into food.

Because, why  not? In certain parts of the world, people have been eating plants for thousands of years and they’re healthier for it. The added bonus? We also save countless of animal’s lives.

So, from our Award winning Vegan Restaurant to your family’s kitchen. We bring you Kitchen Whichery Plant Based Meat Alternatives. The best possible food “Sourcery” on the planet!!

See what we did there? We take plants and use our “Majik” to make great tasting meat alternatives that are better for you, the animals and our planet.